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Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​

Companies that have fun together prosper together.


Does your Human Resources Director ever get stressed-out from too many personnel issues?  Maybe you need to throw a little party.


Nothing cuts through stress better than fun.  Corporate America has learned the value of retaining good employees.  It takes time and money to attract and train good employees.


A party is such an easy way to show your employees you care.  That means so much to workers in every company in America.


If you're not having fun, you're doing something wrong.


Batt-Mobile is THE company big and small companies turn to when they plan any event that needs to be fun.  We bring people together and help lighten their load with some good music.  We know how to create interaction, to nurture teamwork, and build camaraderie within your organization.  You can tap our entertainment talents in many ways to build a workforce that sincerely appreciates its employer.


When should you call Batt-Mobile?


Here are some of the most popular events companies call us to entertain at:


• Banquets

• Holiday parties

• Retirement parties

• Conventions

• Employee recognition

• Customer appreciation events

• Grand openings

• Groundbreakings

• Summer parties

• Open houses


Be creative.  Everyone loves a chance to relax and have some fun.  Call Batt-Mobile at

435-590-7424 to learn more without obligation.  Build a team that makes your company the best place to work in your town.  Batt-Mobile can help.


Imagine your wedding reception just ended one hour ago.


You're reflecting back on what just happened:  Time stood still.   Everyone was happy.  All the problems in life seemed to disappear.


No one wanted to go home.


Is this your dream?


Batt-Mobile is your key to bringing your dream to life.  We love weddings.  We love working with brides.  And we know how to create a magical reception that exceeds your dreams.


Remember this ...


... entertainment makes the event.  If your guests are having fun, the food tastes better.  The flowers look fresher.  And the hall looks like a palace.  Batt-Mobile creates an event that engages and energizes your guests.  You'll see everyone united in a single purpose:  to celebrate your wedding.  We provide the fun ... done the way you want it.  We play the music you love.  We provide the level of interaction you want.


Your job is to simply relax and bask in the glow of a celebration that's all about you.


We care.  Call right now to tell us more about your dreams for your wedding at




DJ Services:


What better way to bring people together than a great dance!  Batt-Mobile specializes in providing the kind of customized entertainment that makes your event unique.


Here's what you get:


• Staggering library of the hottest music in history.  Clean lyrics.  Everyone's favorites customized to your  event.

• Ultra-modern sound systems featuring crystal clear sound and precise volume management.

• Hip, energized Disc Jockeys and Masters of Ceremonies.

• Video projection.

• Intelligent lighting to transform even a gymnasium into a palace!

• Party themes, games, & giveaways.


Wouldn't you like your next dance to be the one everyone remembers as being special?  You know, the one everyone talks about at the class reunions with such fondness?  It happens when the entertainment is perfect. Batt-Mobile knows how to make your event everything you dreamed it would be ... and more.

Outdoor Movies:

How does watching your favorite movie under the stars sound?  Whether you want to watch a movie in your back yard, invite the whole community to a movie in the park, play video games on a giant screen for your next birthday party, or sponsor a drive-in movie at your school or church...we have you covered.  We take care of the screen, projector and sound system.   We can also provide a microphone for announcements and custom graphics and videos for sponsors and/or information.   We have the expertise!  


When should you use Batt-Mobile?


  • Church dances

  • School dances

  • Car shows

  • Outdoor movies

  • Karaoke events

  • Music video dances

  • Community events

  • Birthday parties

  • Reunions

  • Community celebrations

  • Anniversaries

  • Sporting events


Popular dates book quickly.  Call today to check on availability at 435-590-7424.



We’d love to provide entertainment at your event.  After reviewing our website, call us at

435-590-7424 to see if we’re available on your date.  We care about the success of your event and would like to hear more about your plans.  Call today to see how we can help.

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